Sara’s Story


Dear All,

We have for you the most expected and wanted NEWS: we’ve raised the FULL amount needed for Sara’s cochlear implant, 25.000Euro! This was sooner than we’ve hoped!

Additionally, the money raised from the text messages that you’ve sent will cover the implant’s supplies expenses and the speech therapy for a good period of time!

We thank you ALL for your help and for supporting us. Special thanks as well to Raluca’s colleagues from Temenos for their fund raising efforts for Sara.

Without you ALL we would have not succeeded! Sara, when she will grow she will find out about each of you, that you helped her and she will be grateful for this.

The photo exhibition will continue as we got attached to this project and from now on we will donate the money to other children who need help.

The surgery will be on 7th April at Marie Curie Hospital and the implants activation will be after one month from the surgery.

SARA, Raluca and Mihai


Sara Alexa was born on 17th September 2012, a moment of great joy for us and our family. After her birth everything was going well and we were enjoying every moment spent with our baby girl, until we realized she was not reacting to loud noises. So, we’ve scheduled her for a hearing test (Sara was 4 months old at that time) and the result shocked us: she was suspected to have bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. The next step recommended was a diagnosis test to see the level of the hearing loss.

It was really hard for us as parents to accept this diagnosis but we had to be strong and we’ve continued the investigations hoping that the diagnosis result would invalidate the previous one. Because the diagnosis test is performed under anesthesia, we had to postpone this investigation until Sara was 7 months old. When the test result came it dashed all our hopes because the diagnosis was almost certain: bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss, meaning that Sara was able to hear only very loud sounds, like the sound of a motorcycle or a truck.


After this, following the medical recommendation, we bought Sara two hearing aids (one for each ear). But unfortunately these hearing aids didn’t help Sara and we decided to repeat the diagnosis test (Sara was almost 14 months old then). We had a new shock: Sara’s hearing got worse in the meantime and the new diagnosis was bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss making her a candidate for cochlear implant. The result confirmed what we’ve already been told, that if you have hearing loss, your hearing can not improve, it can only get worse in time, therefore, her only chance for hearing would be the cochlear implants.

The chances for speech recovery are much higher if the intervention it’s made as soon as possible, until Sara is up to 2 years old because after this age her chances of fully recovering and her chances to be integrated in a normal education system will drop drastically.

Currently, Sara is on a waiting list for a cochlear implant covered by Ministry of Health through a National Program, but she is not yet scheduled for the surgery, as we are still waiting for the funds to be allocated by the Ministry of Health. Also the National Program covers only the costs of a single cochlear implant and Sara would need the second cochlear implant as well,  in order to have a chance to a normal development, like any other child.

The cost of a cochlear implant is very expensive, approx. 25,000€, a cost that we can’t afford unfortunately, therefore the only solution we have is this fund raising campaign. With every donation, you can give Sara the chance to have a normal life.

If you would like to know more about cochlear implant, click here.

We truly appreciate any help! Thank you!

The account for donations is:

EUR: RO33 INGB 0000 9999 0414 4642
Swift Code : INGBROBU
Account name: DIACONU RALUCA (Sara’s mother)
Contact: +40723 695 449

For PayPal donations, click here:

Thank you! 

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